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Repair & checkcenter


  • Full check and trim
  • Line replacement
  • Reserve packing


The full check consists of a thorough inspection of your paraglider. Your glider will first receive a visual inspection of the upper surface, lower surface, cells, internal life, lines, maillons and risers for any wear or damage. Anything found will be noted and fixed.

A JDS porosimeter will be used to perform a porosity test and a Betsometer to perform a fabric strength test. A line strength test will be undertaken as well if necessary.

The lines of the glider will then be measured with a laser. We use the Laser Rail-Check System to guarantee the most accurate measurements. Depending on the results, a trim may be applied to have your glider back to its best performance!

You will then receive a written report of your glider’s overall conditions, any repairs or trim made, and a suggested date for when your next full checkup should be.


We hold a large stock of line so we can normally get your new line back to you within a day. All we need to know is the model and size of your paraglider and which line needs to be replaced.


Due to the many water landings in Malcesine, we have a high request of reserve packing. If the reserve dries up on time, we can normally get it back to you the day after you turn it in. The process will be much faster if you have the possibility to dry the reserve completely before handing it in. We cannot pack your reserve until it is completely dry due to safety reasons.

We can also do the annual re-packing for you.



If we have your valve in stock, your kite will be fixed within a day. Otherwise, we will have to order it and you will be advised when it arrives.

After we replace the valve, we will inflate your kite and leave it inflated for 30 minutes to make sure there are no leaks.


This can be maddening as sometimes the hole/s are microscopic and seem impossible to find but they still influence the solidity of the bladder when inflated. With patience, we can find it/them, and in most cases, a patch will due to fix it. If the hole is too big for a patch to tolerate then you may have to change the whole bladder.


Small tears and holes can simply be fixed with self-adhesive ripstop tape. Bigger tears will be repaired with a sewn patch or a panel section.


For any problems not listed above, we may be able to help. Just give us a call!